Thailand – Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand now has a cool new hangout called Asiatique. Can shop in comfort and cheap, the tourists are also treated to views of the Chao Phraya River. Asiatique on the Riverfront, a large new shopping complex next to the lifestyle of Bangkok Chao Phraya River, is set to become one of the main purposes of entertainment for tourists.

With a design inspired by the day as the Bangkok riverside trading post during the reign of King Rama V, from 1868-1910, Asiatique resembles premier dock with a row of warehouses. Accordingly, it is actually on land once owned by Danish company East Asia and some of the original architecture, more than 100 years, has been arrested.

For now packed with locals, many of them can not help but compare it with Lum Night Bazaar Suan expensive set. And with good reason. Open from 5 pm to midnight, Asiatique has some similar shops in the Night Bazaar, and Joe Louis Traditional Puppet Theatre and Calypso – a famous transvestite cabaret – will move in next month.

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The stores sell a variety of goods. Starting from a unique souvenir typical of Thailand, a wide range of beautiful dresses at bargain prices, shoes, heels, doll, to counterfeit designer goods whose quality is not bad.

There is a German-made imitation Birkenstocks are the original price of Rp 900 thousands to millions, can you take home only a 500 Baht or approximately USD 150 thousand. Beautiful colorful dress on sale from 200 Baht or about $ 60 thousand.

In addition to the many choices of stores in the area which is very broad, very comfortable shopping at Asiatique. And most importantly, can be negotiable.

Chaoroenkrung District has 1,000 restaurants and theater entertainment! At the Factory and Waterfront District, you can feel the dinner on the riverbank with a choice of concept bistro restaurant, Irish-style bar and wine bar that serves Thai, Japanese, French, and Italian.

To reach a place which is located at 2194 72-74 Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok, you are advised to use the boat because there are often jammed. In addition, using the boat trip also gives the sensation called Chao Phraya river divides the city views of Bangkok.

If left mengguanakan boat from Saphan Thaksin Pier, just pay 15 baht, or about USD 4,500, then the free shuttle transit Asiatique. Good luck!

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