6 Place the mummy Most Spooky Sightings in World

1. The Landesmuseum, Germany

Landesmuseum in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany had a creepy mummy collection. Imagine, in there, you can see the body intact mummy from head to toe is still intact.

There are about 5 mummy like that in the Landesmuseum. However, most of

2. Silkeborg Museum, Denmark

Denmark also has a museum that collects the most spooky mummy in the world, the Silkeborg Museum, Silkeborg, Denmark. Behind the modern building, it turns out the museum holds the mummy intact jet black.

Tollund Man, that’s the name given to the mummy in the Silkeborg Museum. The man is alleged to have died since 2,300 years ago by hanging himself. It can be seen from a rope tied around his neck intact.

3. Moesgaard Museum, Denmark

Still Denmark, traveler can also see other spooky mummy intact from head to toe. You can see it in Moesgaard Museum, Hojbjerg. Because intact, tourists can still see the hair intact mummy, named Grauballe Man.

Grauballe Man allegedly died around the third century. Horror, mummy’s neck split. That said, this mummy die cut throat as a sacrifice.

4. British Museum, UK

Lindow Man is the mummy collection at the British Museum London, England. Mummy is believed to have died between the two years BC. There, tourists can see the appearance of a mummy with a fairly pathetic body.

From the looks of her, before she died, these people seem to be killed with ax blows to the head. Not only that, he also allegedly tied to his neck and cut his throat. All former tourist killings could still see clearly in the Lindow Man.

5. Village of Yde, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a mummy with stories and visions that make my hair stand in the village of Yde, Assen, Netherlands. This time you can see the mummified body of a child is a girl. He supposedly died in the first century.

First discovered in 1897, the Yde Girl died while using a woolen cloak. His neck tied with a rope wrapped around three times. A puncture is also found in the bone near his crotch.

6. Church of St Nicolai, Denmark

Church of St. Nicolai in Vejle, Denmark also has a collection of spooky mummies and traveler should see, Haraldskær Woman name. This mummy is stored neatly in a glass coffin in the church. He supposedly died in the year 490.

The woman allegedly died after hanging himself. This is seen no trace of the rope was still visible around his neck.

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